The Mystery of the Compliance Hotline

COVID shifts compliance-hotline calls in weird ways.

Can you solve the mystery?

Yesterday, I spoke with the Director, Ethics & Compliance of a major U.S. manufacturer.

She told me that calls to her company’s compliance hotline have not lessened, but the wrongdoing has shifted from fraud and harassment to COVID protocol violations.

At the same time, calls to the hotlines of peer companies have dropped almost entirely.

What’s going on?

Many people fear losing their jobs in the current climate, since finding a new one might be harder. That shouldn’t deter risk-loving fraudsters and harassers. But, whistleblowers might shy from speaking up.

It’s also possible that remote work lessens the face-to-face contact that helps spot fraud or enables harassment.

But why the shift in one company, and not in others?

Can you help solve the mystery?


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