The Right Way to Win

Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World

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Drive Ethics to Drive Success

The Keys are Individual Accountability and Alignment of Interests

Directors, officers, and employees face greater pressure and greater scrutiny than ever before.

They need to win – and to win the right way!

But how?

In the real world, deciding what’s ethical is often straightforward. What’s hard for any organization is getting the people in it to act in the ethical manner set out by management. This means fixing and enforcing individual accountability while aligning employees’ interests with those of the organization.

Leaders and firms that do this don’t just survive: they thrive.

The Right Way to Win’s insights and approach are grounded in author Robert Zafft’s 30 years of front-line experience in North America, Europe, and Asia as a McKinsey consultant, private-equity principal, global-law-firm partner, and international expert.


Robert's keynotes target audiences excited about fresh ideas and eager to grasp proven tools and techniques for making business ethics work in the real world.

Consulting & Advisory

Robert has worked directly for senior decision-makers. He has also advised and counseled heads of state and government, along with private business owners and many other professionals.

The Right Way to Win Book

The Right Way to Win describes the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for business ethics. Robert's practical recommendations drive long-term business success.

Client Reviews

Zafft enlivens a serious mission with a sense of humor: showing how to run businesses better and more ethically. He offers fun, practical guidance for making business ethics work in the real world.
Bill Canfield,  serial entrepreneur and retired Chairman & CEO of TALX Corporation

Robert delivers great substance that's user friendly. Online training/certification tools make his program ideal for companies of all sizes.
Melissa Di Donato,  CEO, SUSE

Ethics and integrity have become increasingly important in the modern business world and more difficult to navigate.  Zafft helps light the path.  And he does so both with wit and humor.
Marcus A. McDaniel,  VP & Deputy General Counsel, The ServiceMaster Company

Robert colorfully illustrates how ethics live at the center of market-leading businesses. He brings fresh perspectives to timeless issues and also offers online materials that help translate principles into practice.
John Schilling,  MD, Partner, TPG Capital, Head of Operations, North American and EU, Co-Head, Global Healthcare Team

Zafft bridges the gap between theory and practice.
Lisa B. Bernstein, Wilson-Dickinson Professor of Law, The University of Chicago Law School

Zafft provides what might be the first managerial guidebook for making ethical business decisions. He avoids platitudes while providing clear and actionable suggestions.
Edward J. Zajac, James F. Beré Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management

Zafft hits the nail on the head: it's easy to identify the ethical standards under which to operate, the hard part lies in implementing strict adherence through a culture of accountability. His practical recommendations give business leaders the tools to build, and sustain, an ethical business in the real world.
Mark A. Menghini,   Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Aegion Corporation

Zafft persuasively links how a business behaves with how it performs. His real-world perspective and light, conversational style enlighten while entertaining
John M. Howell,   Vice President, CX & Marketing at Centene Corporation

Trust is the currency of business, and ethics the backbone of trust. Zafft not only dissects the how-to of doing the right thing but also the why. He nimbly takes us from theory to vision to an action.
Ernest Greer, co-President, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

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