A Kodak Moment Memorable for the Wrong Reasons

Five ex-Kodak executives collected millions of dollars selling stock options they didn’t own. Then the story gets worse. (Under)statement from Mr. Know-It-All In a press (under)statement, Kodak Finance Chief David Bullwinkle (yes, Bullwinkle) said that the company had discovered deficiencies in its controls that had failed to prevent the unauthorized issuance of the company’s stock. …

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Goldman’s Fiddler-Crab Clawback

Resembling fiddler crabs, senior Goldman executives seem to take with the giant claw, and to give back with the tiny one. A previous post described Goldman Sachs getting hit with over $5 billion in fines and disgorgement sanctions. These penalties relate to two senior Goldman bankers’ participation in a multi-billion-dollar bribery and embezzlement scheme. Taking …

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