U.S. News Business-School Rankings: Crucial But Meaningless?

A former B-school dean boosted his school’s rankings by fraudulently misstating student test scores, work experience, and other data. If rankings weren’t crucial, he wouldn’t have done it. But might such rankings also be meaningless? Ranking Mania The last 30 years have seen an explosion of rankings. Among other things, we rank countries for rule…

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Instagram: Facebook’s Online OxyContin?

Instagram celebrity Pamela Reif

Leaked Facebook research shows that the company’s Instagram platform is “toxic” to teenagers, especially girls. Now what? Peddling Envy: The Only Deadly Sin That Gives No Pleasure The leaked research appears in, “The Facebook Files,” a multipart Wall Street Journal expose on Facebook. On one level, the information should come as no surprise. Generally available…

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