Deliver Ethics Fundamentals in Ways That Are Straightforward, Practical, and Fun

Leverage Cost-Effective, Self-Paced, Online Training While Boosting Corporate Reputation through Ethics Certification

Truly distinctive corporate training fires on all cylinders. It is:

  • Straightforward enough to be understood
  • Realistic enough to be relevant
  • Profound enough to yield lasting improvements
  • Cost-effective enough to earn a great return on investment
  • Transparent enough to burnish reputation

The Right Way to Win corporate training delivers the fundamentals of business ethics in ways that are simple, straightforward, practical, and fun. Content is offered via a quarantine-proof, convenient, and cost-effective online learning management system. (For in-person and live virtual training, see Executive Leadership Development).


Certification in Business Ethics demonstrates to the C-Suite, stakeholders, and the wider community your organization's capabilities and commitment to making business ethics work in the real world.

Training objectives include how to:

  • Make defensible ethical decisions, build consensus, and counter adversaries;
  • Implement and sustain ethical decisions by driving individual accountability and alignment of interests; and
  • Navigate crises and cutting-edge issues where reputational risk soars.

Program content includes main text, study guide questions, exercises, review questions, and a Business Ethics Certification exam.

Both content and format have been refined over author Robert Zafft's 30-year career as a university lecturer, McKinsey & Company consultant, Senior Expert for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Team Leader for Tony Blair Associates, attorney, and frequent speaker, writer, and commentator on business ethics, compliance, and governance.
Employees who are lawyers and/or accountants may also receive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Professional Education (Accounting - CPE) credit.
Client organizations can license program content directly, or have their employees access it through publisher Rowman & Littlefield's online Learning Management System.

Client Reviews

Robert delivers great substance that's user friendly. Online training/certification tools make his program ideal for companies of all sizes.
Melissa Di Donato,  CEO, SUSE

Ethics and integrity have become increasingly important in the modern business world and more difficult to navigate.  Zafft helps light the path.  And he does so both with wit and humor.
Marcus A. McDaniel,  VP & Deputy General Counsel, The ServiceMaster Company

Zafft's straightforward style and conversational tone, plus real, easily understandable anecdotes, make business ethics accessible, interesting, and mainstream. A must-have program for those working in Asia, where the book's lessons learned definitely apply!
Mark Militello,  Head of Markets and Clearance & Collateral Management, Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon

Ethical choices are often obvious in hindsight. Zafft's book provides a prospective roadmap for winning in the long term.
Mark Sherman,  Managing Director, Telstra Ventures