The Right Way to Win HERO OF THE WEEK:

Unsung heroes are still HEROES. Here is a message from a small-business owner to his employees. For the last four weeks, the owner and his partner have kept everyone on payroll. Their business recently received a CARES loan, which should see the company and its staff through the lockdown.

“Dear all. I hope everyone is healthy and making lemonade out of all these lemons.

Every year when it’s tax time the accountant always makes fun of me for being so pessimistic about the economy. His best joke is that I predicted 12 out of the last 1 recession.

That negative outlook always caused us to keep money in the bank against future hard times. Most business owners take almost all the money and distribute it to themselves but [co-owner] G***** and I always kept most of it in the business.

Now it’s good that we did that. We owe our vendors a couple hundred thousand dollars and have basically no inflow but we have the money to pay them.

You guys see that G***** and I are walking the walk. You guys have been there for us year after year and we are committed to seeing you through.

I really want everyone to feel positive about the future of our work. We are super lucky to have our new photo studio. This will give us the best product photos.

Equally as important. We are all working on sections of the website. Everyone has a specific assignment and if we all work diligently we can have a really great web presence. Special shout out to C****** who is already producing some kick ass copy.

Ok. That’s a lot of typing on a phone for an old guy. Please everyone stay sequestered and be super careful. ❤️ M****”

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