Drive Ethics Knowledge and Best Practices Throughout Your Organization

Discover How to Tend and Defend Your Reputation From Adversaries and Critics

Extraordinary leadership development melds theory with practice. It happens when rising leaders feel challenged intellectually while mastering proven managerial tools and techniques for putting ideas into action.

Such development also leverages insights from the executives themselves. They know that real-world success is won in the trenches, not ivory towers. Program content therefore has to be realistic, and it has to be relevant. Impactful and lasting development comes from sessions that are interactive, high energy, and fun.


What makes The Right Way to Win leadership development special?

  • Unique focus on the managerial tools and techniques for fixing and enforcing individual accountability and alignment of interests.
  • Real-world emphasis on reputation and crisis management.

The Right Way to Win approach builds on Robert Zafft's 30 years of real-world experience in global business, consulting, law, and expert-advisory work. Robert Zafft has designed and led leadership development and related training across North America, Asia, and Europe. His participants comprise executives ranging from Cabinet Ministers and public-company C-suite leaders to mid-career executives to professional MBA students.

Tailored Programs

Leadership development programs run from a half-day to two full days, delivered in-person or virtually. Robert tailors all programs' structure and content to your organization's particular goals.

Participants discover how to:

  • Make defensible ethical decisions, build consensus, and counter adversaries;
  • Implement and sustain ethical decisions by driving individual accountability and alignment of interests; and
  • Navigate crises and cutting-edge issues where reputational risk soars.

Participants also receive valuable reference materials and tools via copies of The Right Way to Win and study and review materials delivered via an online Learning Management System.

Client Reviews

Robert colorfully illustrates how ethics live at the center of market-leading businesses. He brings fresh perspectives to timeless issues and also offers online materials that help translate principles into practice.
John Schilling,  MD, Partner, TPG Capital, Head of Operations, North American and EU, Co-Head, Global Healthcare Team

Essential material for any executive or professional focusing on making business ethics works in the real world and driving and sustaining ethical decisions throughout an organization. Zafft focuses extensively on practical managerial techniques and individual accountability, showing how to do well by doing good.
Mark Arian,  CEO, Consulting, at Korn Ferry

Zafft provides what might be the first managerial guidebook for making ethical business decisions. He avoids platitudes while providing clear and actionable suggestions.
Edward J. Zajac, James F. Beré Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management

Zafft hits the nail on the head: it's easy to identify the ethical standards under which to operate, the hard part lies in implementing strict adherence through a culture of accountability. His practical recommendations give business leaders the tools to build, and sustain, an ethical business in the real world.
Mark A. Menghini,   Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Aegion Corporation

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