Pare the Problem Down to Core Issues

Craft Clear, Actionable Solutions

What do senior-most leaders want from consultants and advisors?

  • Trustworthiness – Showing total commitment to professional standards and client success
  • Insight – Distilling complex problems into one or two core issues for senior-level decision-making
  • Pragmatism – Crafting clear, actionable solutions the leader’s organization can implement

I work directly for senior decision-makers in three areas:

  • Ethics, compliance, and governance
  • Geo-policy and legislative affairs
  • Crisis management

I have advised and counseled heads of state and government, cabinet ministers, senior regulators, C-suite officers of public companies, and private-business owners. My track record includes:

Ethics, compliance, and governance

  • Supervise/manage OECD Corporate Governance Roundtables in Asia, Russia, and Eurasia
  • Negotiate and draft the OECD White Paper on Corporate Governance in Asia, which was welcomed or endorsed by 13 national securities commissions in Asia
  • Design the strategic transformation of a $78b sovereign wealth fund, including Board structures and corporate governance, KPIs, operations, and compliance
  • Re-organize the family office and holding company for a financier-philanthropist
  • Advise numerous Fortune 1000 and other clients on ethics, compliance, and governance matters

Geo-policy and legislative affairs

  • Advise a Head of State on a range of geopolitical issues
  • Devise a social-stability “heat map” for a Deputy Prime Minister, which his government made a strategic KPI for all state-owned enterprises
  • Advise a Minister of Justice on improving the execution of court judgments, which led to testimony before a Senate committee and adoption of a new national law on bailiffs
  • Manage the OECD Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform
  • Advise the founder and CEO of a major private company on offshoring strategy

Crisis management

  • Advise a Foreign Minister on a boundary dispute involving subsurface resources
  • Advise a Government on communications and reform strategy following civil unrest
  • Advise a leading advertising broker on media relations and Congressional testimony
  • Counsel numerous Fortune 1000 and other clients on media, litigation, and dispute-resolution strategies

In serving clients, I draw upon a network of former McKinsey consultants, public servants, leading academics, and private-sector experts. I remain at all times solely accountable to the client for results.

Client Reviews

"We'll have Robert work on that, right?"
Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister

Zafft has an uncanny ability to see around corners. Time and again, his strategic and business foresight preempted problems and created opportunities for my organization that I would never have anticipated.
Amos Gelb,  Executive Director, Washington Media Institute

The international team of Tony Blair [led by Robert Zafft]...provided us with truly very great assistance in synthesizing international experience and analyzing Kazakhstani legislation.
Berik Imashev,  Minister of Justice, Republic of Kazakhstan

Robert's broad global experience across business, law, and policy gives him remarkable field of vision. He makes sense of complex situations to present clients with clear and practical plans of action. He also delivers to every client "old school" loyalty and integrity.
Lev Shur,   President Exadel Solutions

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About Robert

Robert Zafft’s introduction to consulting and advisory work came during Russia’s wild 1990s, when bankers were getting blown up on Main Street at rush hour. A Harvard Law graduate, Zafft has worked as a McKinsey & Company consultant, Team Leader for Tony Blair Associates, global-law-firm partner, private-equity Principal, and Senior Corporate Governance Expert for the OECD. He has advised governments, international organizations, and Fortune Global 1000 companies across North America, Europe, and Asia. He teaches business ethics at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis.

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