20 Questions to Ask

About Wills & Estates


Written by a father/son legal team with over 70 years’ experience counseling real people in real situations, this short, easy-to-read book cuts through the legal mumbo jumbo

  • Use Wills and estate planning to preserve and pass on wealth to loved ones
  • Make the most of insurance and retirement benefits
  • Get ready financially for marriage, divorce, or remarriage
  • Promote family welfare and harmony

From five-star Amazon reviews:

“Estate planning anxiety? No more!”

This helpful guide should be in every home. Knowledge is power!

— Amy A

“You couldn't ask for better reference guide on this subject.”

It is short, clear, and right to the point. It approaches what for many people is a very uncomfortable subject with practical, constructive information and light, wise humor.

— Gregory Y.

“What I liked most about the book is the manner it which it is written:”

...on one hand it is very easy to read, unencumbered by excessive technical language, on the other hand, tons of relevant information is squeezed in.

— Jack S.

Peace of mind comes from being prepared. This book shows you how to face whatever the future brings with confidence

About Gene Zafft

Gene Zafft, a member of the Missouri bar, has taught Estate Planning in the Graduate Tax Program at Washington University School of Law for 45 years. A recognized expert in the field of Trusts & Estates, Zafft has over 50 years of private-practice experience as a principal in the St. Louis tax, family-business and real-estate firm of Rosenblum, Goldenhersh, Silverstein & Zafft, PC.