What makes for a great book, whether non-fiction or fiction?

Characters and ideas that excite your passions. Heroes you want to root for. Settings at once exotic and real. Stories that stretch your mind and imagination without straining your patience or credulity.

The Right Way to Win

Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World

This is a business-ethics book for people who want to win. That’s because business success and ethical behavior stem from the same managerial tools and techniques.
Compact, practical, and fun-to-read, this book shows you how to:

  • Make defensible ethical decisions, build consensus, and counter adversaries;
  • Implement and sustain ethical decisions by driving individual accountability; and
  • Navigate crises and cutting-edge issues where reputational risk soars

Based on the author’s 30 years’ experience across North America, Europe, and Asia, the book’s examples and insights give readers the knowledge and tools to win the right way for their careers, their companies, and their communities.

20 Questions to Ask

About Wills & Estates

This book will help you and your family face whatever the future brings with confidence.

My late father and I wrote this book for several generations of clients who wanted to ensure their families' well-being and financial security. Peace of mind comes from knowledge and readiness. This book will give you both.

The Corridors of Power:

An Alex Broadman Mystery

This book is a work of fiction, mainly.

The murder of a beautiful French colleague catapults Alex Broadman from his cushy job with a Paris-based organization into a snake pit of espionage, passion, and death.

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